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AlcoSense WM1 Coin Operated Breathalyser

  • Wall mounted vending machine breathalyser
  • Highly accurate Fuel Cell sensor
  • Sleek and robust design
  • £250 coin box capacity
  • ROI: Average £35 per week per 1,000 footfall.
  • Ideal for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and car parks
  • Optional 7inch LCD screen for advertising
  • Available with push button option for industrial applications

Coming from the multi-award winning AlcoSense family, the AlcoSense WM1 is a coin-operated breath alcohol tester It is easy to maintain with good profit potential for either owner-operators, chains, vending machine placement companies or hire or leasing businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Education and Licensing

The AlcoSense WM1 warns the user not to drive from 1/3 of the limit upwards - actively discouraging drink driving. It shows the user their actual reading, allowing them to build an understanding of the effects of alcohol on their body. As a result the unit has been approved by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Licencing Department as it has been shown to reduce drink driving and increase awareness of the risks, assisting venues with their licence renewals.

“[AlcoSense] prevents and discourages anyone from drinking and driving.... we support it wholeheartedly”

Alan Barwise, Head of Licensing for the Royal Boroug

Advanced Fuel Cell Sensor

The AlcoSense WM1 uses an advanced platinum electrochemical sensor (Fuel Cell) which provides breath sample linearity and longer calibration intervals, as well as accuracy levels equal to roadside breath alcohol testers used in law enforcement.

How it Works

All the end user does is insert £1 in the side of the AlcoSense and follow the on screen instructions. The AlcoSense WM1 will guide the user step by step to get a good accurate reading. The user blows into the unit and after 5-10 seconds their reading will be displayed and the unit will tell them if they are under, close to or over the limit as well as their actual reading in figures, from 0.00%BAC to 5.00%BAC - over six times the legal limit.

What happens if I’m on the rise?

When someone drinks the alcohol does not enter the blood stream instantly, the blood alcohol level will rise steadily to it's peak alcohol level for around 30 minutes after their last drink. As a result the AlcoSense clearly warns users to wait at least 30 minutes after a drink before doing a reading.

Return on Investment

TThe AlcoSense WM1 costs the user £1 per use and on average takes £35 per week per 1,000 footfall in a venue. Assuming your venue had 2,000 people through a week you would break even at week 4 if you chose the WM1 without the advertising screen, and week 5 if you chose the option with the screen. Additional revenue can also be generated from the advertising screen.

“AlcoSense has been really well received by our customers - and the coin box has reflected that. This product aids the public in making responsible decisions and takes out the guesswork.”

Dean Page, owner of Smokey Joes Nightclub, Maidenhead

Optional Integrated Advertising Screen

Optionally it features a 7 inch LCD screen which can be used to show stills or movies for promotional purposes. As standard a promotional movie to encourage people to use the unit is shown (see below), but could easily be replaced by the operator or venue with an advert for a local taxi company for example.It accepts jpg images and mpg and avi movies on USB memory stick.

WM1 Screens
With Screen Without Screen

Calibration Intervals and Running Costs

AlcoSense WM1 requires a replacement pre-calibrated sensor inserted into the unit once every 2,000 test or 12 months. The replacement sensor cost is £99.99 + VAT (129€ + VAT). The replacement sensor can be inserted into the unit by the owner and does not require an engineer visit. The AlcoSense will automatically alert you when a replacement sensor is required. You will also need to keep the unit topped up with straws.


Using the latest technology and innovations, such as sensor algorythm and automatic sensor maintenance, AlcoSense™ WM1 can be used again and again without losing accuracy meaning that it is a secure investment.

Accuracy and Quality

Every AlcoSense unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. As a result our quality control is arguably the best in the industry meaning that you can have 100% faith in our products. AlcoSense WM1 has industry leading accuracy of +/-0.005‰BAC which is unique in this price range.

Full Liability Insurance

AlcoSense holds complete Product Liability Insurance and going a step further we also hold Product Efficacy insurance which insures the effectiveness of the products performance. We are the only non-Police manufacturer to have achieved this due to our high level of quality.

without screen with screen

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